Bryan Fred Borough    w    B.S., Computer Science, BYU



Communicative, friendly, amiable, responsible, fun, team player. 




Seeking database or software engineering position within a company that has good morale and mentor/mentee values.  Hoping to be in an environment that offers practical growth in the software industry.  Desiring to support a product and/or service that I admire.




Visual Basic, C, C++, MS Access, PHP, SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, HTML, FrontPage, DreamWeaver, ColdFusion,  Java Script, Pascal, Delphi, COBOL, and Assembly Language




  • Consulting with other experts and gathering business and software requirements.
  • Designing user interfaces, database structure (ER-diagramming), and software functionality.
  • Having 9 years experience, implementing different types of software (large scale aircraft communications, desktop applications, web code, support software, etc.) on different platforms (Windows, UNIX, IBM 370, etc.) and in many different languages (C++, VB, PHP, etc.).
  • Coding in a way that allows for future enhancements and upgrades.
  • Developing careful processes to ensure smooth and safe transition to production.
  • Documenting for business purposes, future developers, and end-users.
  • Creating installation packages (for desktop applications) and automated upgrade processes.
  • Training developers and end users on software structure and use.
  • Working with end users to improve existing software.
  • Constructing mathematical (geometry and trigonometry) algorithms
  • Speaking, reading, and writing fluently in Spanish




HEAD SOFTWARE DESIGNER/DEVELOPER                                                             July 2004-current

Transition Labs Inc., Golden, CO


WEB DEVELOPER                                                                                                      2004, 6 months

MyTechSupport, Provo, UT 


DATABASE PROGRAMMER                                                                                    2002-2003, 1 year

Missionary Training Center, Provo, UT

  • Designed, developed, and implemented Time Keeping system for MTC IS Department.
  • Created data structure in Oracle.
  • Used Visual Basic front end and ADO code to manage Oracle data.
  • Used MS Access for time and budget reports and corrections.
  • Documented developer’s, administrator’s, and user’s manual.
  • Trained employees to use the software.  Aided other developers with SQL problems.


SYSTEMS ANALYST/PROGRAMMER                                                                    2000-2002, 2 years

BOEING Sales and Marketing Division, Tukwila, WA

  • Designed, developed, and maintained customer desktop applications using Visual Basic, MS Access, DB2, Wise, and Software Express.
  • Worked with Windows Registry and many API calls.
  • Provided developer and user documentation for software developed.
  • Consulted with customers in Washington and California and helped automate upgrades.
  • Was lead and trainer on new Windows 2000 platform.
  • Maintained critical web sites using HTML, FrontPage, and COBOL.
  • Wrote critical code to upgrade old world flight data to new standards using Visual Basic, Visual SourceSafe, and SQL Server/Manager/Plus
  • Tracked data errors and wrote code to correct them.


SENIOR SOFTWARE ENGINEER                                                                            1997-2000, 3 years

Boeing Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS), Kent, WA 

  • Designed, developed, and implemented second version of Peer Review Database for AWACS Object Oriented Software using MS Access, VBA, and SQL in order to achieve a higher SEI CMM level of software.
  • Documented and illustrated the form and query flow of Peer Review Database.
  • Updated and maintained legacy operating system and a hardware stress program in Assembly Language and Jovial for six different international customers.
  • Updated and maintained technical documentation for this software.
  • Developed first version of Peer Review Database for Legacy Software using MS Access.
  • Developed and coded in Visual C++ a Command and Control Coordinate System “truth table generator” involving high accuracy ellipsoid geometry and three-dimensional rotation.
  • Prepared and presented 70-page MS PowerPoint slide presentation to illustrate the logic behind this “truth table”.
  • Used and became the expert of Apollo operating system.
  • Developed training documents.


PC SPECIALIST, INFORMATION SPECIALIST, AND PROGRAMMER                     1994-1997, 3 years

Missionary Training Center, Provo, UT

  • Worked on Systems Analysis and Database Design for Human Resources.
  • Worked with Microsoft Access, Oracle, SQL, Delphi, and Visual Basic MMI.
  • Provided Computer Support of Software and Hardware for over 150 computer users.
  • Helped install NetWare 4.1 software for over 75 clients.
  • Helped install lab of 25 networked PCs.
  • Assisted with telephone/network line Punch Down Blocks.
  • Provided Digital and Analog phone support to over 100 users.




COMPUTER CLASS INSTRUCTOR                                                                              2004, 6 months

Franklin Elementary School, Provo, UT

  • Instructed grades 1-6 on iMacs on how to do PowerPoint presentations, to create web pages using Netscape Composer, and to search and to use websites for pictures and information.
  • Taught them to use fancy textures for logos, backgrounds, and link buttons (  (Will inform of website when up.)


CAMPAIGN CO-MANAGER                                                                                           2003, 1 month

Political Campaign for City-Wide City Council Position, Provo, UT

  • Helped organize and head campaign strategies including distributing flyers, signs, mailers, and coordinating with Realtors, Fire Fighters, the Police Dept., and other endorsers. 
  • Won the election, despite position and the political support of the incumbent.


VOLUNTEER MISSIONARY                                                                                    1989-1991, 2 years

Mission, Bilbao, Spain

  • Learned fluent Spanish. 
  • Served as District Leader to lead and counsel other missionaries. 
  • Served as Branch President to guide and counsel local members of the branch and to prepare and preside over meetings.


OPERATOR                                                                                     1993 summer temp. job, 2 months

SONY Corporation of America, Rancho Bernardo, CA 

  • Assembled TV’s.  Repaired and cleaned machinery.




Enjoy team work, computer support, software engineering, systems analysis, database design, math, teaching and tutoring in areas of study and athletics, consulting, learning new languages, learning new materials, working on cars (VW Vanagon, Datsun 240Z, Nissan 300ZX, BMW 750iL, etc.), electronics, gaining new skills, taking classes, writing, tennis, soccer, basketball, graphic arts, singing, and classical guitar.




            Graduated December 1996

            Major: B.S., Computer Science



            Finished Pre-Med Courses June 2003




Upon request.